Dust With Flour by Annelise Williams

Dust With Flour by Annelise Williams

The recent incident of a teenager, who turned her cremated grandfather’s ashes into homemade sugar biscuits, has been justly mentioned worldwide. However, sometimes art moves ahead of reality.

In Annelise Williams' Dust With Flour, an woman accidentally mistakes her husband's ashes for flour. What follows is a more bittersweet (and not at all creepy) reaility affair about loss and letting go.

Annelise Williams is  a graduate of the University of the Arts (film supervised by Elliot Cowan) currently living in the Philadelphia area. She  majored in Animation, but she also enjoys character design and illustration. Her film was featured as part of the Graduation competition section of Be there! Corfu Animation Festival (2015) -and kudos to Aglaia Pantelaki for pointing out the relevance.

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