Fire (Pozar) by David Lynch

Fire (Pozar) by David Lynch

David Lynch's experimental animation Fire comes from 2015. Noriko Miyakaw, a Lynch collaborator in Inland Empire (2006) animated the film, while Polish Marek Zebrowski  writes the soundtrack. Zebrowski and Lynch previously collaborated on the music album “Polish Night Music'

This is the online premiere of David Lynch's 2015 film Fire:

This biblical-like story of human civilization needs to be judged as a theatrical and symbolic (even sometimes static) account of what can haunt our communal harmony. And fans of Eraserhead could rejoice with its black-and-white aesthetic and monster-like figures -Eraserhead itself owes to Bible.

Fire (Pozar) by David Lynch
Written, Drawn and Directed by David Lynch
Animated by Noriko Miyakawa
Music by Marek Zebrowski ©2015

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