Fiumana by Julia Gromskaya

Fiumana by Julia Gromskaya

Julia Gromskaya is an Italian whose films melt dreams (sometimes nightmares) with intense colorization, and themes and characters resurface in many of her works.

In Fiumana (The Flood), a girl at the window is waiting for her companion and watches the passing of time and the waltz of the seasons.

The film is a welcome visual study on the personal and the natural, in which progression of feelings mixes eloquently with the circle of seasons.

 Fiumana has been selected in the official shorts competition at Annecy (France) 2012.


Visit Julia Gromskaya's official page.

Conceived and realized by Julia Gromskaya

• Original music Francesca Badalini

• Sound design Ossigeno

•  Camera and postproduction Istituto Statale d'Arte di Urbino

•  Photography Stefano Franceschetti

• Editing Simone Massi

• Production Julia Gromskaya

• 5'30" -  Gouache and acrylics on paper -  Color - DigiBeta - Italy 2012

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