Ghost Dogs by Joe Cappa

Ghost Dog animation short still by Joe Kappa

US-based animation filmmaker Joe Cappa presents a different version of a rescue pop in this horror-tainted Ghost Dogs. A rescue pup discovers its new home is haunted by the family’s deceased pets in this mind-bending horror. The film went on to the Sundance Film festival, Fantoche, Ottawa International Animation Festival among others.

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Film Review (Vassilis Kroustallis)

The film is a sweet delight in intricacy, using its own props (like the red ribbon on the pup) to suggest subversion. The tube-like, almost spineless deceased dogs steal the show visually, but it is the adventure of the little pup that registers. As it moves through corridor after corridor and a space-bending environment, it realizes that curiosity can lead to destruction. A feast of anticipation and a joyful film -in its own, weird way.

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