Louise by Constance Bertoux, Camille Bozec, Pauline Guitton, Pauline Mauviere, Mila Monaghan


Louise, ballerina at the Garnier Opera in 1895, rushes home after a show but is stopped by a friend asking for money. Louise knows what to do in order to repay her.

Constance Bertoux, Camille Bozec, Pauline Guitton, Pauline Mauviere and Mila Monaghan are five Gobelins students deciding to direct a seemingly old-fashioned story in 2D animation. The directors were inspired by their visit and an exhibition Splendeurs et misères at the Orsay myseym, where it showcased various forms of prostitution in Paris from 1850 to 1910. The subject of ballerinas who had to resort to prostitution to survive was found to be exciting and not particularly well-known.

They tried to modernize their obvious references (Edgar Degas, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec) playing with lighting and cinematography, getting additional inspiration from films like Bertrand Bonnello's 'House of Tolerance' (2011). 

Watch Louise:

The result is a fluid, eloquent in its movements and revealing in its narrative animation short that leaves no character without distinctive traits; the film navigates a difficult terrain with eye-opening frankness and concern.


Directors: Constance Bertoux, Camille Bozec, Pauline Guitton, Pauline Mauviere and Mila Monaghan
Soundtrack / Musique : Anna CORDONNIER et Amandine ROBILLARD (musique originale) / “The Sleeping Beauty, Op.66, ActIII “The Wedding”, No.30a, Finale.” By André PREVIN et London Symphony Orchestra ℗ 1982 Warner Classics, Warner Music UK Ltd (intro) | Sound editor : Cédric DENOOZ | Mix  : Cédric DENOOZ |  Production : GOBELINS, l'école de l'image - Cécile BLONDEL |  Distribution : Miyu Distribution - Luce GROSJEAN 

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