LOVEbox by Jeremy Warder

LOVEbox by Jeremy Warder

LOVEbox by Jeremy Warder

 Short, but quite succinct, the animated music video (both written, sung and animated) LOVEbox -show me whatcha got by Jeremy Warder mixes Thriller-style dance with Maggie Thatcher and industrial post-revolution

With Jan Svankmajer influences ready in place, but with a mid-tempo score to match an uplifting (in its post-modernity) video, LOVEbox creates a 1'22'' staccato political and cinematic dance game.

Jeremy Warder is a UK freelance animator, illustrator and writer, who specialises in creating films, characters and atmospheres. He studied animation at Edinburgh College Of Art , and is the author of Muscles for Breakfast, Memoirs of A Diva, Black Channel.

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