Pinchaque, the Colombian Tapir by Caroline Attia

Pinchaque, the Colombian Tapir by Caroline Attia

Pinchaque tells the story of the Discovery of a new tapir species that lives in the Colombian Andes. This discovery was made by two Franch scientists from the 19th century. It also describes the role of this species in the forest and its relation with native people.

Angular shapes and edgy topics abound in this always interesting to watch 2D short. A narration that involves hide-and-seek, moves from history to present date makes a very difficult subject (man and his nature) handled with gusto and fun, with a playful English voiceover.

The film was commissioned for Tolima region in Colombia (2011).  Caroline Attia has also developed with Sacrebleu productions as director and visual development artist a TV series project: Casimilo and the legends of the new world (watch the trailer).

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Direction : Caroline Attia
Story : Franz Kaston Florez & Caroline Attia
Voice over : Jordi Batalle
Music : Sarah J. Ziegler
Sound design : Dokan Studio
Production : Audrey Sanchez & Franz Kaston Florez for Fondation Nativa
Maryline Charrier for Senso Films
Animation : Caroline Attia & Nathalie Robert
Selected many festival among which : Annecy animation festival, Festival du film court de Brest, Melbourne MIAF, Festival du Film de environment Paris, Cinanima.


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