Quarantine Animation Times in Short

Quarantine Animation Times in Short

1. Stay at Home by Konstantin Bronzit

2. PuWu-R6 by Sasha Svirsky

An episode six of the project "Music videos for nonexistent music bands".
Drawn by Sasha Svirsky, music by Alexey Prosvirnin.

3. Stay Home by João Pombeiro  

3. Self-Isolation by Carolyne O'Ryan

5. Autorretrato by Sofia Carrillo

Series of drawings of my family and self-presentation in drawing

6. Film Crew in Quarantine by Robertas Nevecka

The curious routines of film set people killing time in quarantine
Animation in quarantine: Robertas Nevecka
Music + sound in quarantine: Simonas Jončys

7. Quarantine by Alexander Bubnov

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