St. Joan by Lucinda Schreiber

St. Joan by Lucinda Schreiber

The short is designed and animated as a music video for the latest single St. Joan by the Melbourne band Husky and their sophomore LP 'Ruckers Hill".

The free-wheeling but also tenderly drawn music video by Lucinda Schreiber eloquently elaborates the many phases of being one and being in unison.

Lucinda Schreiber is an Australian director, animator, and based in New York). She created St. Joan digitally as two-dimensional frame-by-frame animation: a tablet and stylus were used to draw each frame, but each frame was also hand sketched. Schreiber shot the live action component in Sydney and worked on the animation from New York.

Schreiber studied  Fine Art at RMIT and graduated from UTS with a MA in Animation where, until recently, she was engaged as a lecturer in motion graphics and animation.

Her graduate short film, "The Goat That Ate Time" has been screened widely and received national and international awards. She is represented by Photoplay Films in Australia, Asia and the USA.



Directed and Illustrated by Lucinda Schreiber
Produced by Suzanne Kim

DOP: Tania Lambert

Animation:Lucinda  Schreiber, Doe Rohan, Soobin Park, Kyra Bartley

Yanni Kronenberg


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