The boy who wanted to be Tim Burton: TiM

The boy who wanted to be Tim Burton: TiM

TiM is about the things that happened to me growing up...Its about the feelings that i had as an outsider...its the isolation and alienation of a child and how he is comforted in art and films...The story is very autobiographical...The scenes about the mother, the kids and the priest are based things which really happened but all done in a kinda fantastical surreal way...Its the first story I ever came up with for a film and probably the most personal story I will come up with for a film"- Ken Turner

Narration: Barry Parker
Written, Designed and Directed: Ken Turner
Film Mentors: Jason Thompson, Dennis Turner
Film Consultants: Bernard Joaquin, Jon Ng, Stephen Hinds, Louis Norris
Additional Animation: Spence Robinson, Louis Norris
Armature Block Builder: Orville Olm
Costume Designer: SunYoung Kim
Puppet Fabrication Lead Supervisor: Chul Jang
Conceptual Digital Background Painter: Michael Hitchcox
Digital Matte Painter: Bernard Joaquin
Visual Effects Supervisor: Louis Norris
R&D Video Resource: Danny Devito
Additional Set & Prop Construction: Albert Joaquin, Philip Rodrigues, David Tran, Stephen Hinds
Cameo Appearances: "Snowboy & Crow"
Made at THE BATCAVE STUDIOS Oakville, Ontario, CANADA

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