The Tongueling by Elli Vuorinen

The Tongueling by Elli Vuorinen

 Wooden knocks are echoing in a frozen landscape when a lonesome man is searching for a tongueling of his own.

The Tongueling is simple, breath-taking and offers no easy solutions to decode its message. Sound design is paramount to the film, while the parade of tongues seems so flat and two-dimensional, compared to the main character's search for visual depth behind the trees in perspective.

Elli Vuorinen has won the best student film at AniFest 2011, and she is one of the artists selected to participate in the Artists in residence programme in Tokyo, Japan.


Direction: Elli Vuorinen

Animation: Elli Vuorinen

Script: Elli Vuorinen

Editing: Elli Vuorinen

Sound design: Elli Vuorinen, Jani Lehto

Music: Jani Lehto


Turku Arts Academy / Eija Saarinen/ 2010

Linnankatu 54, 20100 TURKU, Finland

Tel: +358 2 2633 5219 / Eija Saarinen

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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