Tipsy Chicken by Jorge Ribeiro and the Moonshiners

Tipsy Chicken by Jorge Ribeiro and the Moonshiners

Portuguese animation director Jorge Ribeiro (Fleabag Studio) executes with visual precision a chicken revenge story in the vibrant and energetic music video Tipsy Chicken.

Editing has a winning day in the video; image succession makes for an always engaging story pace (accelerating/ slowing down accordingly), and retro-psychedelic images infuse a nostalgia for 60s pure fun.

The rock/blues band Moonshiners will release its first full LP "Prohibition Edition" in February 2018. Tipsy Chicken is their second single.

Here's the (equally tipsy) 'Making of' Video, with real-life chicken references:

Director: Jorge Ribeiro
Colour: Ricardo Adrêgo
Assistant: Alexandra Allen
Producer: PARIR
Song: Moonshiners | Prohibition Edition
Guest musicians: Bruno Barreto (Bass), Gabriel Neves (Saxophone), João Seco (trombone)
Recorded and mastered by Hugo Grave

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