X by Max Hattler: Experimental symphony

X by Max Hattler: Experimental  symphony

In a universe where everything is by itself and yet can intersect with each other, cross-action seems the best way to solve an unknown equation.

Max Hattler is a multi-awarded moving image artist based in London and Germany. X was a commission screened at  Kings Cross Filling Station , on  a 10x15m screen of water rising from the canal.

It was also a nominee for the Animated Com Award at the 20th  Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS, April 23-28, 2013).


Directed by Max Hattler, 2012. Animation by Matt Abbiss, Tony Comley, Valeria Fonseca, Max Hattler, Siobhan Mcelhinney, Luiz Stockler.

Sound and music by Eduardo Noya Schreus.

Special thanks to Sandra Sykorova.

Commissioned by KXFS, supported by Vauxhall Ampera.




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