Polka Dot Boy, Naked in the Fest Anča 2021 Winners

Polka Dot Boy, Naked in the Fest Anča 2021 Winners

The winners of Fest Anča 2021 International Animation Festival were announced 4 July 2021. The festival had a hybrid (onsite, Žilina, Slovakia) and online form.

Best Animated Short: Sarina Nihei – Polka-dot boy (France, 2020)

Animated Short Special Mention: Kangmin Kim – KKUM (South Korea, 2020)

Best Student Animated Short: Kirill Khachaturov - Naked (Russia, 2019)

Student Animated Short Special Mention: Mathieu Georis - Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty miles a day (Belgium 2020)

Best Animated Music Video: Matej Mihályi – Prezident Lourajder – Osud (Slovakia, 2021)

Music Video Special Mention: Flavourcel – Devours – Garnet Graves (Canada, 2019)

Best Slovak Animated Short: Eva Matejovičová – Sanctuary (Czech Republic, 2021)

Slovak Animated Short Special Mention: David Štumpf – Home Sweet Home (Czech Republic,2020) 

Best Animated Short for Children: Minato Matsuda, Haruna Ueno, Tomoko Taiga – Om Nom Nom... (Japan, 2019)

Fest Anča 2021 / Photo: Juraj Starovecky

The Programme of Fest Anča 2021 (including awarded films) will be available to watch online until 11th of July at online.festanca.sk.

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