Fest Anča

Fest Anča

12 indie animation events and festival stories from Zippy Frames during the calendar year 2021.

Kropka writes about the 2021 edition of Fest Anča festival, which took place both onsite (Zilina, Slovakia) and online.

The full list of Fest Anča 2021 winners.

Discover the theme and highlights of the 14th Fest Anča International Animation Festival.

The latest from Slovak animation festival Fest Anča and its 2021 online edition.

1244 films from 67 countries were submitted to the 14th Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2021. 

Highlights of 13th Fest Anča International Animation Festival.

The fire of  Stanica Žilina-Záriečie will not affect the 2019 Fest Anča festivals, organizers confirm.

12th Fest Anča International Animation Festival has published the list of films that will compete for the main awards this year.

Oscar-nominated animation director Koji Yamamura talks to Zippy Frames.

Uri and Michelle Kranot, Milos Tomić, Ivana Sebestova, Sanni Lahtinen win at the 11th Slovakian fest. Full winners and festival report.

 The 11th summer celebration of animation in Žilina, Slovakia is ready to begin, between 28 June and 1 July 2018.

The Oscar-nominated director will attend the Slovakian Žilina festival, 28 June-1 July 2018.

The 11th Fest Anča  Fest Anča Announces 2018 Selection, and focuses on political propaganda.

 Everything's ready for the 10th anniversary of the Zilina festival in Slovakia.


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