Int'l Festival of Animated Film, Stuttgart: Selection Results, Programme Highlights

itfsThe 21st International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS, 22-27 April 2014) and the FMX 2014, Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia, present all cultural, economic and academic aspects of animation. More than 1,000 of the best and latest animated films will be screened during the festival.

The always strong International Competition of ITFS features this year Chris Landreth (who's expected to attend) with his Subconscious Password.

The Oscar-nominated short film "Mr. Hublot" by Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigare is included, as well as Hollow Land by Michelle and Uri Kranot [interview with the filmmakers].

The Berlin-awarded My Own Personal Moose (Leonid Shmelkov) competes at ITFS, as well as the new Bill Plympton short, Drunker than Skunk.


You'll also find the Cesar-nominated Women's Letters by Augusto Zanovello on the WWI, a theme which has its own separate retrospective at the 2014 ITFS.

 Constantin Film will present the 3D European motion-capture movie Tarzan .

 Laika Studio (Coraline, ParaNorman) will also be present  with "The Boxtrolls" (no further details have been announced), and Studio 100 announced their attendance.

Israel is the guest country of this year's ITFS, and filmmaker Tsvika Oren presents the highlights of the Israeli short film production.

The Danish "grandmaster of animation" Jannik Hastrup presents the animation studio Tegnefilm, while Vibeke Sorensen from the Nanyang University Singapore curates three programmes of "abstract experimental animation", and there will be the Animation Co-production Forum for new projects from the Arab world.

 Max Howard (former president of Warner Bros. Feature Animation and vice president of Walt Disney Feature Animation) and Emmy winner Eric Shaw, both in this year's jury are expected to attend the festival and the workshops organized.

The Animation Production Day, an event within the framework of the FMX 2014 and ITFS 2014, will be held on April 24 and 25, 2014. As business platform for the international animation industry the APD gives international production companies the opportunity to present projects in the fields of animation and digital content.

Important industry prizes are the Animated Com Award (with partners like ADC Deutschland and Daimler AG), which is given for outstanding work in the areas of advertising, spatial communication, and technology as well as the German Screenplay Award, which aims to promote talented German authors and seeks to contribute to an improving quality of the contents of animated films.

Discover the full lineup of 2014 ITFS international competition. More at the ITFS website.


International Competition ITFS 2014
Films International Competition 1

  • Subconscious Password, Canada 2013, directed by Chris Landreth
  • I Love Hooligans, Netherlands 2013, directed by Jan-Dirk Bouw
  • Uit Huis (Leaving Home), Netherlands 2013, directed by Joost Lieuwma
  • Hollow Land, France 2013, directed by Uri Kranot, Michelle Kranot
  • Home, Great Britain 2012 directed by Luiz Stockler
  • Ephémère (Ephemeral), Schwitzerland 2013 directed by Sophie Haller
  • Lettres de femmes (Women's Letters), France 2013, directed by Augusto Zanovello
  • Harald, Germany 2013, directed by Moritz Schneider
  • Pommes Frites Netherlands 2013, directed by Balder Westein

Films Internationalen Competition 2

  • Canis, Spain 2013 directed by Marc Riba, Anna Solanas
  • Autour du lac (Around the Lake), Belgium2013, directed by Noemie Marsily, Carl Roosens
  • Cruise Patrol, Netherlands 2013, directed by Bobby de Groot, Arjan van Meerten
  • Padre (Father), Argentina 2013, directed by Santiago 'Bou' Grasso
  • Sonntag Null (Sunday Zero), Germany 2012, directed by Jochen Kuhn
  • Drunker than Skunk, USA 2013, directed by Bill Plympton
  • Toto, Poland 2013, directed by Zbigniew Czapla
  • Oduga (The Wound), Russia, directed by Annna Budanova,
  • Sun of a Beach, France 2013 directed by Arnaud Crillon, Alexandre Rey, Jinfeng Lin, Valentin Gasarian

Films Internationalen Competition 3

  • Brut (Brutus), Russia 2014, directed by Svetlana Filippova
  • The Obvious Child, Great Britain 2013, directed by Stephen Irwin
  • Jorka, Netherlands 2013 directed by Michiel Wesselius
  • Rob'n' Ron, Denmark 2013, directed by Peter Smith, Magnus Møller
  • Cargo Cult, France 2013, directed by Bastien Dubois
  • Ping Pong, Schwitzerland 2013, directed by Rafael Sommerhalder
  • Through the Hawthorn, Great Britain 2013, directed by Anna Benner, Pia Borg, Gemma Burditt
  • Мой личный лось (My Own Personal Moose), Russia 2013, directed by Leonid Shmelkov
  • Hund (Dog), Germany 2012, directed by Simon Schnellmann


Films Internationalen Competition 4

  • Aldar i seryj volk (Aldar and the Grey Wolf), Russia 2013, directed by Rim Sharafutdinov
  • The Hopper, Denmark, Germany 2012, directed by Alex Brüel Flagstad
  • Land, Japan 2013, directed by Masanobu Hiraoka
  • MeTube: August sings Carmen 'Habanera', Austria 2013, directed by Daniel Moshel
  • Mr Hublot, Luxembourg 2013, directed by Alexandre Espigares, Laurent Witz
  • Contrast, Germany 2013, directed by Carmen Büchner
  • The Hungry Corpse, Great Britain 2013, directed by Gergely Wootsch
  • Myosis, France 2013, directed by Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart,
  • Ricky Cometa, Guillaume Dousse, Adrien Gromelle
  • As Boys Grow, Netherlands 2013, directed by Charlotte van Ottenloo
  • I am Glad We Can be Honest about this, Germany 2013, directed by Alexander Gellner
  • Planètes après planètes (Planets after Planets), France 2013, directed by Titouan Bordeau

Films International Competition 5

  • Raging Balls of Steel Justice, Great Britain 2013, directed by Mike Mort
  • Nuisible (Pest), France 2013, directed by Bruno Mangyoku, Tom Haugomat
  • The Master's Voice : Caveirao, USA 2013 directed by Guilherme Marcondes
  • Sie so, Er so (She was Like, He was Like), Germany 2013, directed by Gregor Dashuber
  • Upstairs, Great Britain 2013, directed by Matthias Hoegg
  • Kick-Heart, Japan 2013, directed by Masaaki Yuasa
  • Phantom Limb, Great Britain 2013, directed by Alex Grigg
  • History of Pets, Netherlands 2013, directed by Kris Genijn


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