ReAnima Festival Returns in 2023

Bergen International Animation Festival ReAnima

After conducting 5 editions (including online editions during the pandemic) the Norwegian Bergen International Festival ReAnima will go on hiatus for 2022, promising a 2023 festival comeback.

The festival celebrates independent animation and also educational activities -some of which are to be continued during 2022 as well. However, a full festival (and restructured) edition is about to take place next year .

The full festival statement:

An animation festival is a living project, and as a living being, it is nourished by all those who make it possible to carry it out year after year. From those who devised the project, those who send their films, those who support it until the end in one way or another. Also, as a living cultural project, it suffers from what is happening around the world, health pandemics, economic crises, and sadly wars.

This year ReAnima has felt that it needs a break to regain strength and that all those who make it possible also regain strength and make it possible to build a better festival offer for next year. Because despite the well-deserved rest, as a good living being, ReAnima refuses to rest completely and will have some screenings in schools and other festivals, as well as academic activities.

Those who give their energy to keep ReAnima going are already planning its restructuring to make it a more attractive festival with the best of the world animation, discussion forums, animation industry conferences in Bergen and internationally. Exhibitions, training for students, led by great professionals and a great surprise in a more mainstream section.

We want everyone to want to come to Bergen, enjoy the festival and the city, and also want to join forces to promote international cooperation to better develop animation made in Bergen for the good sake of our talents and the industry. In the meantime, we hope you all continue making animation so that we can have your great films in the next edition of Bergen International Animation Festival ReAnima - ReAnima Festival organizers

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