Wes Anderson, A Guest of Annecy Festival 2024

Wes Anderson photo

It seems it was about time for Wes Anderson to visit Annecy Festival as an an acclaimed ('exceptional') guest. The first news of his visiting Annecy Festival came in 2020 (but this was right before COVID came a reality).

Now, the celebrated director (and director of the two stop-motion films, 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' & 'Isle of Dogs') will find his way to Bonlieu (9-15 June 2024).

"Over the last decade, Wes Anderson has had an incredible influence on the revival of stop-motion animation", the festival's director, Marcel Jean, notes. "His intricate, theatrical style and his sophisticated, holistic approach to directing have set an example and inspired a score of young filmmakers. His visit to Annecy will mark a long love story and admiration for his work".

Wes Anderson will give an exclusive masterclass (more details to be announced). His two stop-motion features will also be screened during the 2024 festival.

Annecy Festival runs from 9 to 15 June in Annecy, France.

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