40 Graduation Animation Shorts for Annecy Festival 2024

Ser Semilla animation short still

40 animation student films, from the US and Mexico to Korea, were selected for this year's Annecy Festival (9-15 June 2024). 23 countries are here represented, with France leading (7 French animation shorts selected), and UK following (4 films from 3 schools).

Stop-motion, 2D, 3D and AI films are also represented.

This year’s selection is particularly eclectic, with a strong emphasis on humour and frivolity, even the nonsensical. The films tackle intimate themes (family or romantic relationships, grief and resilience) through a fictional lens or personal accounts -  Marie-Pauline Mollaret, Annecy Festival Selection Committee member

Graduation Films in Competition at Annecy Festival 2024

7 Missing,  Directed by: Yuval KATZ / Israel
Adiós, Directed by: José PRATS LÓPEZ / United Kingdom
Apartment 203, Directed by: Mariana MORENO BERNAL, Eduardo POIRÉ COUTO / Mexico
Ardent Other, Directed by: Alice BRYGO / Country: France
Between You and Me, Directed by: Cameron KLETKE / Country: Canada
Carrotica, Directed by: Daniel STERLIN-ALTMAN /  Germany
Claw, Directed by: Lucas FERRER / Country: France
Crow Man, Directed by: Yohann ABDELNOUR / Country: Lebanon
Echoes, Directed by: Robinson DROSSOS / Country: France
Echoes of Grief, Directed by: Verena REPAR / Country: Austria
Frite sans maillot, Directed by: Matteo SALANAVE / Country: France
Girls' Hair, Directed by: Klara THAFVELIN / Country: Sweden
Hic svnt dracones, Directed by: Justin FAYARD / Country: France
Humantis, Directed by: Paris BAILLIE / Country: USA
I Wanna Be a Statue, Directed by: Harvey AUERBACH-DUNN / Country: United Kingdom
Is This Now the Time I Should Let You Go?, Directed by: Yi-Chin TSAI / Country: Finland, Taiwan, Belgium, Portugal
Maatitel, Directed by: Govinda SAO / Country: India
Mary: Through Glass, Directed by: Wyatt CARSON / Country: USA
Minus Plus Multiply, Directed by: Chu-Chieh LEE / Country: United Kingdom
Moving Mountains, Directed by: Jessica POON / Country: Germany
Piiritajad, Directed by: Ada NAPIÓRKOWSKI / Country: Estonia
Plevel, Directed by: Pola KAZAK / Country: Czech Republic
Přes střepy, Directed by: Natálie DURCHÁNKOVÁ / Country: Czech Republic
Prozori s južne strane, Directed by: Eugen BILANKOV / Country: Croatia
Pubert Jimbob, Directed by: Quirijn DEES / Country: Belgium
Return, Directed by: Lindong CHEN / Country: Japan
Sangre petrolera, Directed by: Alejandro JIMÉNEZ MORA / Country: Costa Rica
Searching for the 5th Direction, Directed by: Schüpbach MATTHIAS / Country: Switzerland
Ser semilla, Directed by: Julia GRANILLO TOSTADO / Country: Portugal,  Belgium, Finland, Mexico
Sheep Out, Directed by: Zofia KLAMKA / Country: Poland
Show, Directed by: Jagoda CZARNOWSKA / Country: Poland
Tabac froid, Directed by: Arthur JAMAIN / Country: France
The Bubby Bear Show, Directed by: Thavin VONGPATANASIN / Country: USA
The Last Visit, Directed by: Warutkomain KEAWALEE / Country: Estonia
The Monster, Directed by: Ruby YANG, Bomin KIM / Country: South Korea
The Time Botanist, Directed by: Glenn PAUL-PARVENU / Country: France
To the Brink, Directed by: Hugo DOCKING / Country: United Kingdom
Waterpark, Directed by: Ross MALO / Country: Ireland
Yapolaponky, Directed by: Masataka KIHARA / Country: Japan
You Are the Truck and I Am the Deer, Directed by: Max FERGUSON / Country: Belgium


The Last Visit

You Are the Truck and I Am the Deer

Check the short films in competition: Annecy 2024 selection

(cover image: Ser semilla by Julia Granillo Tostado)

Annecy Festival takes place from 9 to 15 June 2024 in Annecy, France.

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