Behind The Scenes: Zoon by Jonatan Schwenk

Zoon by Jonatan Schwenk making of still

German animation director Jonatan Schwenk usually reaches for a multi-purpose, hybrid technique in his meticulously crafted, animal-imbued films. He did the same in his first short (also his graduation short) 'Sog'.

His subsequent animation short, 'Zoon' (from the Greek word meaning "beast") had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2022.

I like the idea of the forest as the place where anything happens.  'When I was little, we lived right next to a forest for a few years. Many of my childhood games took place there. The characters in the film also have something childish and playful about them - Jonatan Schwenk

'Zoon' used both stop-motion animation and puppetry to take two different thematic concerns into a single film.

Watch the Making of 'Zoon' below:

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Here's the full film as well to watch

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