British Animation Awards, March 2022

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London, UK
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The British Animation Awards (BAA) are passionate about animation and ensuring our art form is supported, credited, promoted and gets celebrated the way it deserves. The unique prizes which are 'one-off' pieces of art, produced by some of the best artists and animators working in the creative industries, are a testament to the passion we all share.

UK broadcasters, software companies, animation studios and companies, ad agency creatives, web companies, post-production houses, bankers, lawyers, others involved in the entertainment business and jury members who include influential figures from the industry e.g writers, actors, gallery/ museum curators and art critics.

Helen Brunsdon is the Director of the BAA: Helen has worked extensively across the animation industry as a consultant, producer and executive working with some of the most creative names in animation.In addition to her production work, Helen also works as animation advisor, programmer, events producer andjury member. In Dec 2016 Helen became the Directorof Animation UK before becoming the newly appointed Director of the British Animation Awards (BAA).

2020 BAA Awards Coverage

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2020 Call for Entries (Archive)

  • Best Short Film
  •  Best Film or TV/Graphic/Motion Design
  •  Best Voice Performance
  •  Best Use of Sound
  •  Best Music Video
  •  Best Childrenʼs Pre-School Series
  •  Best Long Form Animation
  •  Best Childrenʼs Series
  •  Best Animation in a Commercial
  •  Best Commissioned Animation
  •  Writer’s Award
  •  Best Original Short Form Content
  •  Best Original Music
  •  Social Good category
  •  Best Immersive Animation




Event Dates

  • 10/03/2022

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