Anibar Festival 2020 Returs with "Humans' Theme

Anibar Festival 2020 Returs with "Humans' Theme

The Kosovo festival  returns (17-23 August, Peja) with a theme dedicated to the human factor.

Using the COVID-19 situation as a chance to reflect and take a deep pause from the hectic lifestyle, festival organizers take the time to state that "the choices we make under these circumstances reveal our true nature".

Focusing on all those unsung heroes, the Humans, the festival promises to celebrate "all those who heal, teach, create, defend, engage, clean, write, sing, tell, serve, cook, lift up, take care, develop, comfort, support and inform".

Watch the Anibar Festival 2020 trailer (animation: Mari Jaye Blanchard  /Music: David Yockel Jr)

The full statement:

For a long time, they have been living in a ‘fast forward’ mode, lacking space to think of their actions and relationships to each other and the environment. All of this was a time of fear being greater than hope. Access to public spaces and right to speech being limited. Means of communication streaming voices of those who instead of lifting them up, were bringing them terror and fear. A time when the rights and freedoms were violated by those in power. Meaningless actions such as scrolling through your social media feed became a roller coaster of anxious episodes. Uncertainties being the common determinator of any form of action. This way halting any form of progress in the right direction.

With all of this going on, a pause in time was long due. And it did, it paused, even for just a bit. What used to be chaotic and rapidly changing lifestyles came to a sudden halt, a shift, that no one was prepared for. This was a chance for change.

This time gained, gave them the space to rethink their actions and the way they want to proceed living in their world. It gave them the space to rethink relations with each other and the environment. It provided the chance to think about their role within their story. Who they want to be, and how will the place they are living look like. A rather blank canvas with characters and the environment to be built in. As with any situation, under this condition they had to make choices.

And as always, for us, HUMANS, the choices we make under these circumstances reveal our true nature. Some choose misuse of power, misinformation and cruelty over community, science and environment, profiteering on the backs of the masses. Others serve and elevate our humanity! In this uncertain time a group of people makes sure that this race of ours goes on, they make sure that we all feel safer and get better. They make sure that we can carry on and cherish this time. These are our heroes, those who serve silently without recognition, protecting our Humanity and the Earth!

This edition of the festival we will be celebrating all those who heal, teach, create, defend, engage, clean, write, sing, tell, serve, cook, lift up, take care, develop, comfort, support and inform.

  • A market salesman and the one who stocks up the shelves
  • The farmers
  • The bakers
  • The technician who fixes our bad internet connection
  • That neighbor who cleaned up the streets last night
  • The Pharmacists working overtime
  • All the artists, composing, writing, and performing online to provide us with a sense of peace
  • All those working endlessly to provide us the vaccines
  • Firefighters
  • Those willing to listen deeply as well as those who share
  • The guardians of our rights and freedoms
  • Those taking care of the sick and infirm at home
  • And those expressing their opposition to government by smashing their pans on the balcony floor
  • Those volunteering their time to provide food to those in need
  • The Journalists
  • The Teachers
  • The Nurses
  • The Doctors

The Anibar Festival webpage

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