Animasyros 8.0: More than Animation

With films in its slate like SAM's POS ESO and a tribute to French animation (My Mommy is in America and she met Buffalo Bill, Day of the Crows),  Animasyros 8.0, which takes place between 24 and 27 September, moves closer than ever to European animation. Its feature competitive programme (audience award) balances between the happy with a cause and the urban drama: Little from the Fish Shop, the Czech revival of Andersen's classic tale is a fine example of the latter.

 Disney's executive producer Aliki Theofilopoulou, Slovenian animator Špela Čadež and film critic Poly Lykourgou comprise an all-female jury.

Ari Folman's visit is destined to become one of the festival highlights, in which the Oscar-nominated Israeli director revisits some of his old works and presents new clips from the upcoming Diary of Anne Frank.


Diary of Anne Frank, Ari Folman

Iranian animation (watch the featured film Junk Girl trailer here), and the veteran Raoul Servais is also part of the programme.

Agora is the new professional forum of Animasyros, with networking events and presentations such as Aliki  Theofilopoulos (Alice in Wonderland),  Dan Richards (A recipe for making stop- motion), Anna Eustathioiu, European Committee in Greece member (Europe is beside you), and Mirna Keshishian

 Ds Johann Strauss's opera Die Fledermaus from the Greek National Opera and directed by Alexandros Eukleidis and Greek expatriate animator Irini Viannelli is only one of the highlights of this interaction between animation and music (Friday, 25 Sep). Poetry in motion and Dance are thematic tributes that also highlight ways of communicating with each other through various artforms.

 Greek animator Aristarchos Papadaniel presents his awarded, based on the Games of Thrones HBO series, The Rains of Castamere film (and sings as well).

Kids workshops are ubiquitous in Animasyros 8.0. Wilson Lazaretti presents Children's Workshop Optical Toys, and Anastasia Dimitra with Roland Schütz present metamorphosis in animation.

Christina Depian and Ioanna Giakoumatou prepare an animation workshop for general and special education teachers, and people with disabilities, the latter being a running theme for Animasyros 8.0. All festival events at








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