Animated com award winners: Stuttgart Animation Festival

 The world's best productions in the field of applied animation  (100 submissions in total) received their prizes this evening in the Mercedes-Benz Museum at the Animated Com Award held at the 19th Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film.

This year for the first time, the award ceremony was held in the presence of numerous national and international guests in this exclusive atmosphere. Fittingly a special award was presented for the first time – "Mercedes-Benz Classic: 60 years of the Mercedes-Benz SL". The existing categories, Advertising and Technology were also complemented this year for the first time by the "Communication in Space" category. Not just the films, but also the award ceremony was an event in itself.

 The members of the jury, Jürgen Haas, Kathi Käppel, Thomas Meyer-Hermann, Armin Pohl, Michael Preiswerk, Thomas Hundt and Uli Weber,

  • Advertising category & main prize :  Clover "Way Better", by South Africa's Shy the Sun, Strange Beast (7.500 euros in total). Jury member, Thomas Meyer-Hermann, explained the reasoning "Here, the strength of animation; its ability to create opulent, fantastic images, is used to perfection. We learn how milk is made in the Milky Way and by no means in half-measures. Advertising must not just inform, it may also cheat a little – if it is in such a poetic, imaginative, charming and heart-warming way as in this spot by the South African studio, Shy the Sun."

  • Technology category:  "Red Bull Music Academy World Tour" by Pete Candeland from Passion Pictures ( 2,500 Euros), a stop-motion blend of 2D and 3D technologies. 
  •  "Mercedes-Benz Classic: 60 years of the Mercedes-Benz SL" special award:  "Mercedes-SL Black", Owen Trevor from Passion Raw (2,500 euros)
  • "Communication in Space" category: "Magic Box - State Grid Pavillon" Prof. Uwe Brückner, Atelier Brückner GmbH for.  (2,500 Euros)

The 19th International Festival of Animated Films in Stuttgart takes place from 8-13 May 2012. Visit the official festival page.

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