Annecy Selection 2012: shorts

 According to Serge Bromberg, artistic director of Annecy, "This year, there was an infinite richness to be found in the films sent in, both in the techniques used and the topics that ranged from the lightest to the most serious"

Out of the 2,374 films submitted – not counting  feature films- the selection committee arrived at the following selected films:

 In competition:

• 49 short films

• 55 graduation films

• 60 TV and commissioned films, including 21 TV series, 2 TV specials and 37 commissioned films.

60 out of competition:

Out of competition

• 40 short films selected

The film lineup includes films, such as the beautifully quirky Being Bradford Dillman (Emma Burch, UK), the frenetic Chase (Aadrian Lokman, France/Netherlands), and the meditative, Sundance-awarded 38-39º (Kangmin Kin). A former Annecy winner, the Portuguese artist Regina Pessoa returns in the competitive section with her new short, Kali (info)

The feature film selection will be revealed at the 24th April Paris press conference.

The 52nd Annecy Film Festival takes place in Annecy, France, from 4-9 June 2012. Watch selected trailers below:

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