81 Animation Shorts for BIAF 2023

Animation Shorts Selected at BIAF Korean festival 2023

81 animated short films (38 short films, 13 graduation films, 11 TV& commissioned for International Competition, and 22 Korean short films, three of which also present in the International Competition) have been selected for the Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF, 20-24 October, South Korea). 

Out of 3015 submissions (101 countries represented), the BIAF selection committee, consisting of director Im Chaerin, critic Rhee Souewon, BIAF program director Eugene Kim, and BIAF Programmer Lee Eunwha, completed its 2023 short lineup.

Highlights include the 'A Silent Voice' director Naoko Yamada with 'Garden of Remembrance'. The film draws on everyday life after the loss of a lover and how it changes. 'Nezumikozō Jirokichi',the new short by 'Galaxy Express 999'  director Rintaro, is here selected. 

Academy Award-winning director of The Lost Thing, Andrew Ruhemann's 'The Day I Became a Bird' is selected; we also see the Student Oscars Gold Medal winner Hanna Kim's 'Peculiar and Strange'.

The Palme D'Or winner '27' by Flora Anna Buda is here, as well as the latest work by John Musker (The Little Mermaid, Aladdin), 'I'm Hip'.

'Little T', Masha Ellsworth's directorial debut film, a part of Pixar's co-op program; and 'The Brave Locomotive' hommage piece to classic 2D animation, created by Andrew Chesworth, an Oscar-nominated filmmaker with Disney’s animators such as Dale Baer and Hyun-min Lee.

Three Korean films have been selected for the International Competition: the director of 'Love Games', Joung Yumi's new film 'The Waves', Yeo Eun-a's 'A Long Alone', and Jeong Haeji's 'See You on the Other Side'  (find more on her previous 'Sura' film)

In the TV&Commissioned category, the animation of a Kakao character, 'Dododo Choonsik' and BTS character BT21 music video, 'Would You' were selected.

'The Scenes Left Behind', a BIAF2022 production-supported work by Seungeon Yi, and 'Hard to Say' by Yong-hae Ahn (produced by KAFA) will have their world premieres at BIAF2023.

The full lineup:

Short Film Competition

  • 27, Flóra Anna BUDA
  • A Long Alone, YEO Eun-a
  • About a Cow, Pavla BAŠTANOVÁ
  • AliEN0089, Valeria HOFMANN
  • Antipolis, Kaspar JANCIS
  • Baigal Nuur - Lake Baikal, Alisi TELENGUT
  • Canard, Elie CHAPUIS
  • Cold Soup, Marta MONTEIRO
  • Compound Eyes of Tropical, ZHAN Zhangxu
  • Five Spikelets Law, Yana UGREKHELIDZE
  • Flutter, Adam LEVY
  • Garden of Remembrance, YAMADA Naoko
  • Greylands, Charlotte WALTERT, Alvaro SCHOECK
  • Hadis, Nazrin AGHAMALIYEVA
  • Harvey, Janice NADEAU
  • I'm Hip, John MUSKER
  • La Perra, Carla Melo GAMPERT
  • Little t, Masha ELLSWORTH
  • Margarethe 89, Lucas MALBRUN
  • Meddington Hills, Jeanette JEANENNE
  • Nezumikozō Jirokichi, RINTARO
  • Peculiar and Strange, KIM Hanna
  • Peeping Mom / Le sexe de ma mère, Francis CANITROT
  • See You on the Other Side, JEONG Haeji
  • Somni, Sonja ROHLEDER
  • Such Miracles Do Happen, Barbara RUPIK
  • Sweet Like Lemons, Jenny JOKELA
  • The Brave Locomotive, Andrew CHESWORTH
  • The Day I Became a Bird, Andrew RUHEMANN
  • The Family Portrait, Lea VIDAKOVIC
  • The Miracle, Nienke DEUTZ
  • The Night Doctrine, Almudena TORAL, Mauricio Rodriguez PONS
  • The Purple Season / La saison pourpre, Clémence BOUCHEREAU
  • The Suitcase / La Valise, Chloé MAZLO
  • The Waiting, Voker SCHLECHT
  • The Waves, JOUNG Yumi
  • Via Dolorosa, Rachel GUTGARTS
  • World To Roam, Stephen IRWIN

The Brave Locomotive

Graduation Film Competition

  • Dede Is Dead, Philippe KASTNER
  • End of Summer, Tara ATTARZADEH
  • First class, After school, LEE Gaon, KIM Seo-yeon, PARK Seo-young, LEE Seo-jin
  • Frenzy Fries, KIM Jeesuk
  • From the Corner of My Eye, Domonkos ERHARDT
  • Goodbye, Woojoo, JEON Dahyun
  • La notte, Martina GENERALI, Simone PRATOLA, Francesca Sofia ROSSO
  • Sewing Love, XU Yuan
  • The Invincible Swordsman, ZUO Anxingzi
  • The Last Bar, Arne HAIN
  • The Mijares, Wanying LOLU
  • The Tornado Outside, Maria TOMAZOU
  • Twenty Two, LI Tong-min

TV & Commissioned Competition

  • All the Best, Pablo Rafael ROLDÁN
  • Coup de Théâtre, Antonin NICLASS
  • Dododo Choonsik, LEE Jinwoo
  • I Inside the Old I Dying, Joaquín COCIÑA, Cristobal LEÓN
  • Meet Again, KANG Ap-sol
  • Météores, Agnès PATRON, Morgane Le PÉCHON
  • Mr. Passenger, José Pedro CAVALHEIRO
  • Nana’s Secret Garden, ISHIDATE Namiko
  • Silica Gel - Budland [M/V], NAM Jihee
  • TV Anime "TRIGUN STAMPEDE" Ending Animation, YANO Honami
  • Would You, SHIN Aran, SON Jieun

Korean Short Competition

  • A Long Alone, YEO Eun-a
  • And Then, LEE Gwen Gunyung
  • Battery Mommy, JEON Seungbae
  • Chamber of Shadows, OK Seyoung
  • Crisp Dream, SONG Hayeon
  • Diary Booth, SHIM Woomin, RYU Jireh
  • Don't Die, PARK Yuseon
  • Hair Universe, CHOI Jinuk
  • Hard to Say, AHN Yong-hae
  • Hello!, LEE Dakyoung
  • In – the middle of quarantine, CHO Sumin
  • My Father and Me, YOO Chaerin
  • Reflected, PARK So-jung, JUNG Chae-won, KIM Si-on
  • Resilience, CHOI Yoonhyung
  • See You on the Other Side, JEONG Haeji
  • Spotlight, NAM Suhyun, KIM Gahee, CHOI Dagyo
  • The Monster, YANG Ruby, KIM Bomin
  • The Scenes Left Behind, YI Seungeon
  • The Sea on the Day When the Magic Returns, HAN Jiwon
  • The Waves, JOUNG Yumi

The Waves

Garden of Remembrance

Nezumikozō Jirokichi

BIAF2023 will be held from 20 to 24 October 2023 in Bucheon, South Korea. 

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