BIAF Trailer 2021: The Eyes of Summer

BIAF Trailer 2021: The Eyes of Summer

This year's trailer was produced by director Ayumu Watanabe, who produced the poster for BIAF2021 'The Eyes of Summer', along with animation director Konishi Nenichi who worked in Studio Ghibli and STUDIO4℃. Director Watanabe won the BIAF Grand Prize for his feature film, Children of the Sea, and he is working with BIAF2021 for a poster/trailer production and as a jury chair

The BIAF2021 trailer begins with a sky full of cumulus clouds. A girl walks, splashing with her feet in the summer sea that is clear and blue as the sky. Then, a rectangular transparent 'frame' caught her eyes. As the girl sees the sea through the frame, a huge whale soars and looks down at the girl and us watching the trailer with deep, penetrating eyes. After that, the water droplets from the whale combined into one to draw the universe, and completes the BIAF2021 poster ‘The Eyes of Summer’.

Watch the BIAF 2021 Trailer

The BIAF2021 trailer, that seems to depict the main scenes of BIAF2020 Grand Prize film, Children of the Sea.  BIAF2021 will be held for five days from October 22 to Oct 26 in Bucheon, South Korea.

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