Psiconautas, Ma vie de courgette, Window Horses but also films in world premiere compete at the 2016 Bucheon International Animation Festival, Korea.

 Europhile but also catering for national animation production, the 2016 Bucheon International Animation Festival reveals its line-up of feature animation competition.

 The selection ranges from Annecy-awarded films (Ma vie de courgette, The Girl without Hands) to films with adult subject matter (25 April, Window Horses, Psiconautas) and a world premiere of the Korean film My Dogs, JinJin & Akida.

4 out of 7 films will be awarded during the 2016 Asian fest. Here's the complete film lineup:

1. My Life as a Courgette, Switzerland, France ┃ 2016 ┃ 66’00“ ┃ Claude BARRAS

(Animation Director Keukeleire KIM in Attendance)


2. 25 April , New Zealand ┃ 2015 ┃ 84’36“ ┃ Leanne POOLEY

(Director Leanne POOLEY in attendance)


3. The Girl without Hands, France ┃ 2016 ┃ 76’00“ ┃ Sébastien LAUDENBACH

(Director Sébastien LAUDENBACH in attendance)


4. My Dogs, JinJin & Akida - World Premiere Korea┃ 2016┃ 67’17“┃ CHO Jong-duck

 ( Director CHO Jong-duck in attendance)

My Dogs JinJinAkida520

Jae-young, a teenage boy, has two dogs named JinJin & Akida. They fight each other very often resembling fight like mom and dad in home. One day, Jae-young is depressed, because he thought father loves more these two dogs than him. So Jae-young set JinJin free out of the house. (Korean Academy of Film Arts)

5. Psiconautas, the Forgotten Children, Spain ┃ 2015 ┃ 75’48“ ┃ Alberto VÁZQUEZ, Pedro RIVERO (Director Pedro RIVERO in attendance)


6. Window Horses,  Canada ┃ 2016 ┃ 85’00“ ┃Ann Marie FLEMING (Director Ann Marie FLEMING  in attendance)


7. Your Name,  Japan ┃ 2016 ┃ 107’ 00“ ┃SHINKAI Makoto  (Producer (TBA) in Attendance)


Two high school kids who’ve never met, Taki, a city boy from Tokyo, and Mitsuha, who lives in the country, start inhabiting one another’s dreams. This seemingly simple fantasy story about teenagers expands to an unimaginable dimension when a comet falls in the mountain village and completely reverses time and space.

Benjamin Legrand (France),  Jacques-Rémy Girerd (France), Raúl Garcia (USA), and Rhee Soue-won (Korea) will be the feature film jury, which will award the 4 feature film prizes. See the complete jury members.

The 2016 Bucheon International Animation Festival takes place 21-25 October 2016, in Bucheon, South Korea.