169 Animation Films for Anima Brussels 2021

169 Animation Films for Anima Brussels 2021

After viewing over 1,400 brand new films, the selection team for the Anima Festival (taking place from 12th to 21st February), has finally decided and chosen 169 short films for the Festival's 40th birthday.

There are 67 films in the international competition, mostly from European countries, including 37 from France.The national competition will bring together 19 new Belgian productions.

This was a long process as many of the films had both great artistic and writing qualities and confirmed the trend that animated shorts are evolving into an increasingly long format that allows the viewer to discover elaborated worlds and well-told stories - Anima Festival

Anima 2021 is highlighting some big names in competition, like the latest short from Bill Plympton, Odd Duck, and Orgiastic Hyper-Plastic from Paul Bush, who had his own retrospective in 2019. Niki Lindroth Von Bahr, winner of the Anima Grand Prix in 2015 and 2018, is also back with Something to Remember, along with Andreas Hykade with Altötting, Alberto Vasquez with Homeless Home, awarded at this year's Annecy Festival, and Bastien Dubois with Souvenir, Souvenir, winner of the Emile-Reynaud Award 2020. Nicolas Keppens, director of Wildebeest and winner of the best Belgian short at Anima 2018, will also be back in the national competition with Easter Eggs.

International Competition Jury:

Marcel Jean (Annecy Festival), Executive Director of the Cinémathèque québécoise and Artistic Director of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, Agné Adoméné (Art Shot), , Maria Anestopoulou (ANIMASYROS Festival)

National Competition Jury:
Arba Hatashi, (ANIBAR), Dick Tomasovic ( Professor in the Theories and Practices of Cinema, Audiovisual and Performing Arts at Liège University), Pieter De Poortere (Flemish comic book author, Dickie books).

The full lineup:

International Competition - Short Films

Altötting, Andreas HYKADE /Germany, Portugal, Canada
Candy Can, Anton OCTAVIAN / Romania
Chado, Dominica HARRISON / United Kingdom
Dune, Gábor ULRICH / Hungary
Elo, Alexandra RAMIRES /Portugal
Empty Places, Geoffroy DE CRÉCY / France
Filles bleues, peur blanche, Marie JACOTEY and Lola HALIFA-LEGRAND / France
Genius Loci, Adrien MÉRIGEAU / France
Gorodskaya Koza, Svetlana RAZGULIAEVA / Russia
He An, Weijia MA / China, France
Homeless Home, Alberto VAZQUEZ RICO / France, Spain
Horacio, Caroline CHERRIER / France
Hot Flash, Hollatz THEA / Canada
Khoziayka Mednoy Gory, Dmitry GELLER / Russia
Matilda and the Spare Head, Ignas MEILŪNAS / Lithuania
Mesa, João FAZENDA /Portugal
Något att minnas, Niki LINDROTH VON BAHR / Sweden
Navozande, le Musicien, Reza RIAHI / France
Opera, Oh ERICK / South Korea
Orgiastic Hyper-Plastic, Paul BUSH / Denmark, United Kingdom
Pishto's Birthday, Sofia KENDEL / Russia
Plantarium, Tomek DUCKI / Poland
Polka-dot Boy, Sarina NIHEI / France
Précieux, Paul MAS /France
Psie pole,Michalina MUSIALIK / Poland
Rauw, Ben BRAND / Netherlands
Souvenir, souvenir, Bastien DUBOIS /France
Tourist Trap, Vera VAN WOLFEREN / Netherlands
Trona Pinnacles, Mathilde PARQUET / France
Wade, Upamanyu BHATTACHARYYA and Kalp SANGHVI / India

International Competition - Student FIlms

100,000 Acres of Pine,Jennifer Alice WRIGHT /Denmark
À La Mer poussière, Héloïse FERLAY / France
Ahead, Ala Nunu LESZYNSKA / United Kingdom, Portugal
Avant Card, Stella RAITH / Germany
Coffin, Mikolaj JANIW, Yuanqing CAI, Nathan CRABOT, Houzhi HUANG, Mandimby LEBON and Théo TRAN NGOC / France
Les Yeux grands ouverts, Laura PASSALACQUA / France
Listek, Aliona BARANOVA /Czechia, Belarus
Marbles,Natalia SPYCHAŁA, Poland
Mon Ami qui brille dans la nuit, Grégoire DE BERNOUIS, Jawed BOUDAOUD, Simon CADILHAC and Hélène LEDEVIN / France
Room with a Sea View, Leonid SHMELKOV / Estonia
Senses, Chloe BARBET, Thomas CAPUTO, Leonie CLEMENT, Bruno CRAPANZANO, Manon CROUZET and Solene GAUDU / France
Sola, Zoltán DEBRECZENI / Hungary
Song of a Lost Boy, Daniel QUIRKE / United Kingdom
Thank You, Julian GALLESE / United Kingdom, Costa Rica
The Balloon Catcher, Isaku KANEKO / Japan
The Edge, Zaide KUTAY and Géraldine CAMMISAR / Switzerland
Ton français est parfait, Julie CHEA / France
Vies-à-vies, Alice SARRAUSTE / France
We stand on the hill, proud and gentle, heading towards the unknown and death, Linyou XIE / United Kingdom, China


Alyaska, Oxana KUVALDINA / Russia
Colossal Vessel, Nijin NAZEEM and Suresh ERIYAT / India
Der kleine Vogel und die Bienen, Lena VON DÖHREN / Switzerland
Forests - Tom Rosenthal, Katy WANG / United Kingdom
Inkt, Joost VAN DEN BOSCH and Erik VERKERK / Netherlands
Kiki La Plume, Nicolas BIANCO-LEVRIN and Julie REMBAUVILLE / France
Lupin, Hélène DUCROCQ / France
Malyshka y Baba Yaga, Evgenia GOLUBEVA / Russia
Parapluies, José PRATS and Alvaro ROBLÈS / France, Spain
Runmania, Daria STOLBETSOVA / Russia
Star Bright, Leno MIAO and Mercedes MARRO / Spain, China
Teplaya zvezda, Anna KUZINA / Russia
The Lighthouse Man, Matt WALTON / Canada
The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Robin SHAW / United Kingdom
Twin Trees, Emmanuel OLLIVIER / France
Un Lynx dans la ville, Nina BISIARINA / France, Switzerland
Vanille, Guillaume LORIN / France, Switzerland
Vuela, Carlos GÓMEZ-MIRA SAGRADO / Spain
Whatever Tree, Isaac KING / Canada

National Competition - Short Films

Dry Sea, Yves BEX and Bart BOSSAERT /Belgium
Easter Eggs, Nicolas KEPPENS / Belgium, France, Netherlands
Gloria, Iza CRACCO /Belgium
Hold me Tight, Mélanie ROBERT / Belgium, France
Monachopsis, Liesbet VAN LOON /Belgium
Mosaic, Imge OZBILGE and Sine OZBILGE /Belgium
Through the Cymbals I Will Watch, OLorène YAVO and Karlo CORONA / Belgium, United States

National Competition - Student films

Amours libres, Emily WORMS, Belgium
Ego Echo, Ezra BELGRADO /Belgium
La Cerise sur le gateau, Chloé FARR / Belgium
Les Aventures de Bao - Confinés, Etienne GREGOIRE / Belgium
Ontbinding, Dries BOGAERT, Belgium
Papa Zaza, Géraldine CHARPENTIER / Belgium
Scaphoide et métacarpes, Théo GUYOT/ Belgium
Sorry, I Don't Understand, Natalie FEOKTISTOVA / Belgium
Tussen de bijen en de tarbot, Linnea LIDEGRAN CORREIA /Belgium
Un Kilomètre à pied, Mathieu GEORIS / Belgium
Woods, Nicolas GEMOETS, Carla CODER and Kelly MORIVAL /Belgium
Would You Please?, Ada GUVENIR /Belgium

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