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Animocje Festival 2024 collage photo

Discover and taste the animation highlights of this year's Animocje Festival, the dedicated animation festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

ReAnimania Festival 2023 Highlights

Discover the highlights from the 15th edition of the Armenian ReAnimania International Animation Film & Comics Art Festival.

Annecy Feature Animation Selection 2023

Discover the official selection for feature animation films of the 2023 Annecy Festival.

'Granny's Sexual Life' and 'No Dogs or Italians Allowed' won in the animation categories of the European Film Awards 2022.

Find all films selected for the 40th edition of Anima Festival, Brussels.

11 animation directors join their voices in the WeAreOne global festival initiative.

The 14th edition takes off on the 1st of December with a packed program featuring, among others, a plethora of veteran and newcomer artists, special guests such as David O'Reilly and Don Hertzfeldt as well as an exploration of female representation in animation.

In this Corner of the World, Revengeance, The Real October and Ethel & Ernest in the Bucheon Int'nl Animation Festival line-up.

The 15th MONSTRA Animation Festival in Lisbon can fit in its programme a tremendous amount of animation production and professionals -and expanded on other things in the process.

John Torturro enters The Big Lebowski in the new feature film by Bill Plympton, a joint effort with Jim Lujan. Report from Monstra Animation Festival.

US independent animator Bill Plympton has his own, irreverent way to celebrate the Xmas period. Watch The Sad Village.

Legendary Animator Bill Plympton will be the "Special Guest Animator" at Dublin Animation Film Festival.

2014 promises an exciting animated adventure into the world of feature films. See our European &  independent US choices in the spotlight.

One of the most original ideas is again taking place during Annecy Festival (France): Annecy + hosts short films rejected by the festival.

 Bill Plympton builds a version of the Wings of Desire + The Elephant Man.


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