Turku Animated Film Festival 2023: Winners

Turku Animated Film Festival 2023 Winners

A total of 9 awards were presented at the 8th edition of Turku Animated Film Festival  to films that captured the hearts of our jury and audience with their stunning visuals and daring, imaginative storytelling.

The jury of Kaisa Penttilä (Finland), Thomas Renoldner (Austria), Aline Höchli (Switzerland) gave the awards to the following films:

Grand Prix
27 – Flóra Anna Buda

Jury: Many young adults today for economic reasons have to live together with their parents unvoluntarily. Alice’s attempt to grasp for autonomy in this suffocating environment is a rollercoaster of excess. The film convinces with its captivating visual realization and cinematically rich storytelling.

Best National Film
Nun or Never! – Heta Jäälinoja

Jury: This film is examining the role of an individual in a society of strict rules. Drawn with a sensitive line, the film tells a story of playful observations and finally reveals the audience everybody’s secrets.

The award for Best National Film is sponsored by SET ry.

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TAFF Junior Award
Battery Mommy – Seungbae Jeon

Jury: The amusing characters of the film lead a suspenseful story, where the narrative’s humour lightens it into a suitable everyday adventure for children.

Best Professional Film
Drijf  – Levi Stoops

Jury:This film takes the audience in the middle of a strange journey, where the power dynamics of a relationship are examined. The film is provocative in a funny way, being lost with your partner can be empowering or a sheer nightmare.

Special Mention – Professional Film
The TOBOS – Tobias Rud

Best Student Film
The Eastern Rain – Milly Yencken

Jury: Based on the slightly absurd idea, that rain is falling not outside, but inside our houses, the film uses this animation film-specific narrative starting point to move towards experimental animation by combining a flow of expressive paintings with contemporary music.

Special Mention – Student Film
Above The Clouds – Vivien Härshegyi

Tough Eye Award
Skinned – Joachim Hérissé

Jury: Two people tragically bound together by interdependence navigate through an everyday life moulded by violence and suppression. Atmospheric roughness and visual metaphors create an intense insight into the horror, which human connection can inherit.

Audience Favourite
Blush – An Extraordinary Voyage – Iiti Yli-Harja

Our audience was particularly moved by this film that tackles the fear and realities of discrimination in a hilariously chaotic yet encouraging way – in space!

TAFF 2023 (c) TAFF

The 8th Turku Animated Film Festival took place in Turku, Finland from 23 to 27 August 2023.

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