VOID International Animation Film Festival: animation for adults

  • Calendar: 2018-01-25
VOID International Animation Film Festival: animation for adults

From January 25th to February 3rd, 2018, a wide selection of animated films for adults from all over the world will be screened at two central venues in Copenhagen. This year’s edition hosts widely acclaimed feature films, such as Loving Vincent (2017, UK/Poland), which pre-premiered on January 6th, accompanying the festival’s official catalogue release.

More than 100 animated films will be screened, as well as two juried competition programmes (graduation films and music videos), an audience award, and five afternoons with industry events.

The opening film, The Breadwinner (2017, Ireland/Canada/Luxembourg), is nominated for 10 categories at this year's Annie Awards, and received a Critics' Choice Award for Best Animated Feature. In the gloomier category showcase, VOID offers three special animation classics in the form of Barefoot Gen, When the Wind Blows, and Akira – all tackling the consequences that follow in the footsteps of the ultimate weapon of destruction, the atomic bomb.  


A selection has been made from 700 submitted films from 56 countries. There are subtle stories by solo artists, a two-hour programme of recent graduation films as well as experimental shorts. Five selected films are by Danish directors: 1st day and next minute by Sara Koppel, No Ozone by Kim Kim, Nothing Happens by Uri and Michelle Kranot, Ragnarok by Johan Oettinger, and the music video to Danish popular artist Rasmus Seebach’s Andeby, by Josef Rasmussen & Dainius Vitkevicius.

It is worth mentioning the Viborg Animation Workshop's graduate screening, where newly ambitious animators in Denmark present their graduation films. Michelle Nardone, Director of Animation and CG Art at The Animation Workshop comments on the workshop:

“I would say that we are extremely fortunate to have such dedicated students, teachers, and staff. There is an incredible feeling of everyone leaning in to do their best. The environment is one of helping each other to move forward and succeed, in terms of what success means to each individual”


If you happen to visit the Danish festival - as the festival's catalog reminds us - you should "bring a friend, but remember - it's animation for adults."

VOID International Animation Film Festival 2018 will be held from January 25th to February 3 rd, 2018, in Copenhagen in 2 venues: Cinemateket in the Danish Film Institute, and Gloria Biograf & Café.

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