Mother Didn't Know by Anita Killi

After Angry Man, Norwegian filmmaker Anita Killi is back with the stop-motion Mother Didn't Know....

Stéphan Roelants Interview: You Have To Know Your Characters

Zippy Frames talks to Stéphan Roelants, CEO of Melusine productions ,on both contemporary and...

The One-Minute Memoir

11 animation directors join their voices in the WeAreOne global festival initiative. When Academy...

Cosmonaut by Kaspar Jancis

Estonian Kaspar Jancis has a new animation short Cosmonaut. Kaspar Jancis (Crocodile, Piano, Villa...

Interview with Duduf, Co-founder at Rainbox Lab and Rainbox Productions

Joseph Norman talks to Duduf, co-founder at Rainbox Lab and Rainbox Productions, on both their own...

Julie Roy Appointed New NFB Director General, Creation And Innovation

Julie Roy has been named the new Director General, Creation and Innovation, at the NFB. She will...

Fire (Pozar) by David Lynch

Here's a semi-unexpected animation short directed by David Lynch: Fire (Pozar). David Lynch's...

Let Love Live On by Daniel Stankler

Daniel Stankler presents his commissioned animation short, Let Love Live On. UK-based animator...

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