The iconic star was one of the driving forces behind Jimmy Murakami's dark nuclear satire, When The Wind Blows.

 Jimmy Murakami's 1986 animated masterpiece When The Wind Blows (1986) was based on Raymond Brigg's graphic novel with the same name.

 he Japanese-American director put his soul into the 2D animation story of an elderly British couple who try (in vain) to cope with the aftermath of a nuclear catastroph, voiced superbly by John Mills and Peggy Ashcroft.

David Bowie provided the haunting title song, When the Wind Blows, for the film.  The music video was directed by Steve Barron and Murakami.


 The single was not a success (it peaked at no. 44 in the UK box office), and has rarely featured in David Bowie's collection, apart from a 2007 extended mix. Bowie was not new to Raymond Brigg's world. He introduced the 26-minute TV special The Snowman in 1982.

 Bowie was scheduled to write the complete soundtrack for When The Wind Blows, but other involvements made him assign the work to Pink Floyd's Roger Waters, who completed the score. Here's the song as it was featured in the film:

  RIP David Bowie.




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