2019 International Animation Day Poster by Giannis Koutsouris

2019 International Animation Day Poster by Giannis Koutsouris

International Animation Day (IAD) celebrations started in 1982 by ASIFA, the International Animation Association (Association Internationale du film d’Animation). The day marks the founding of Animation in 1892, by Emile Reynaud, in Paris, France (with the first public animation projection)

It is simultaneously celebrated around the globe, in more than 50 countries, on nearly all continents. ASIFA offers films for exchange, a poster, and other connections.

On this day, October 28,  we foregrounds the Art of Animation, and how it communicates across borders. Through this celebration, we have a sense of connectedness with other animators around the world, as we spread goodwill, mutual understanding and peace - ASIFA

This year's poster was designed, painted, and donated by Giannis Koutsouris from Greece and coordinated by Anastasia Dimitra of ASIFA Hellas.

Giannis (Yannis) Koutsouris is engaged in painting, caricature- cartoon drawing and the illustration of children’s books and magazines. However, he is most beloved among the Greek public for his cel-animated commercials via his "Kounoupi" (Mosquito) and "Kouak" companies, along with Nassos Mirmirides - but also the Zagreb-selected The Line (1973).

Since 2000, he is exclusively engaged in painting and sculpture. He has been a member of the Chamber of Plastic Arts of Greece (EETE) since 1973.

With eye-popping, swirling color Giannis Koutsouris’s poster for 2019 International Animation Day celebrates the spirit of the unknown, as tubes and spouts from the earth provide for the free-flights of our imagination.


To join in celebrating International Animation Day,  contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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