33 Graphic Designers Give a #StayHome #StaySafe Message

33 Graphic Designers Give a #StayHome #StaySafe Message

The project "#stay_home, #stay_safe, #remain_creative" is an initiative of #GraphicStoriesCyprus, which in collaboration with #WorldwideGraphicDesigners, aims to promote an optimistic social message for the pandemic that has hit all countries of the world. This initiative is supported by 33 designers from 21 countries, who send a message in their own language as well as in sign language.

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the lives of all the people worldwide. Even if our rhythms and daily routine have changed, our optimism for tomorrow, our creativity and our love for life should not stop. As designers, we have to get social messages through our work, but also on a personal level.

Stay home, stay safe and remain creative.
We support the arts and culture, we love life.
Together we will succeed!

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