Graphic Stories Cyprus 2020: End Results

Graphic Stories Cyprus 2020: End Results
Photo: Michalis Theocharidis

Graphic Stories Cyprus is the only established, independent, annual conference in the field of visual communication and applied arts covering their full range, namely graphic design, illustration, typography, visual arts, semiotics, animation, photography, multimedia design, internet and web design, calligraphy and design in general.

The 6th Graphic Stories Cyprus included eleven (11) lectures, five (5) creative workshops and one (1) international poster exhibition featuring designers from Cyprus and abroad. During this 6th event, special attention was paid to the multifaceted activities aimed at covering and expressing all visual arts and their creators, with the special theme of the conference being its connection to the Cultural Heritage and Tradition through the international poster contest entitled Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future. The Conference on Graphic Design and Visual Communication in Cyprus, Graphic Stories Cyprus, has been selected as one of Europe's best festivals by the European Festivals Association (EFA) and has been awarded the European Quality Stamp EFFE Label for the period 2019-2020.

Target Audience

The conference is addressed to all the creators of visual communication, applied and visual arts, professionals or students, graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, photographers, animators, 2D/3D designers, printmakers, creative agencies, advertisers, marketers, associates as well as those interested in getting to know the profession of visual communications designer. 


The 6th Graphic Stories Cyprus hosted 11 lectures by major Cypriot and foreign designers, covering a wide range of Applied Arts, Visual Communication and Design. Mr Stavros Kyprianou, a journalist with the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, made the opening speech at the conference, while Mrs Maria Miltiadou, Head of National Programs and Public Relations at the Youth Board of Cyprus, addressed the event.

Andreas Panayi, student at the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts of TEPAK, talked about the visual identity that he designed for the 6th GSC. Lakis Argyrou, a professional with years of experience in Communication and Public Relations, presented the necessary steps for a successful professional networking. Web designer and co-founder of Lightblack, Michalis Vassiliou, talked about website design, implementation and promotion. Ioannis Fetanis, a social designer, presented his professional journey from internal search to multidimensional reality.

The importance of Infographics in print and electronic media was presented by the designer Zoe Katsigianni, while Panos Constantopoulos, designer of Infographics and Director of the gr design magazine talked about the relationship between documentary journalism and personal opinion. Vassia Kalozumi from the creative studio Corn, presented the creative international course of their office. In the search of a new manifesto for the humanist typefaces in a post-trend fashion world, was the title of the speech by the designer and founder of Parachute Typefoundry, Panos Vasileiou. Marios Tavellis and Chris Trimbach, guest speakers from Kemanes Printshop, spoke about color management. Math Studio founder and photographer Marios Theologis talked about advertising photography, portrait photography and nude art photography.


During this creative three-day event, four (4) workshops were held, offering accumulated and professional level knowledge and experience in relation not only to modern practices but also to traditional applications of the visual arts and design. Photorealistic Digital Illustration was the subject of the workshop by Costis Papatheodorou, while Panos Constantopoulos and Zoe Katsigianni introduced the participants of their workshop, to the secrets of Infographics design. Experimental typography and editorial design were the subject of the workshop by Ioannis Fetanis, while Katerina Pantela highlighted the details and design features of designing for animation. At the same time, one (1) children's workshop with the theme of Cultural Heritage, a world, a future was held by the illustrator Panayiota Michael.

Poster exhibition

Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future is the title of the exhibition that includes the 50 distinguished artworks of the 4th International Poster Competition organized by Graphic Stories Cyprus. The posters of the exhibition came from a corresponding international competition that attracted 570 designers from 27 countries. The exhibition hosted at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in Faneromeni also features the posters of eleven (11) invited prominent designers. At the same time, the poster with the theme of the exhibition, which was created at the art poster workshop held last November, at American University Emirates, Dubai, is also hosted. The workshop was attended by 20 students from AUE University and was implemented under the direction of Angeliki Athanasiadi and Andrea Panayi at the invitation of the University's graphic design professor, Dr Arafat Al-Naim.

The theme of the competition Cultural Heritage, One World, One Future and the corresponding exhibition aims to highlight and promote the value of Cultural Heritage and the importance of diversity in relation to the common future of all the people on earth. Contestants were invited to visualize their thoughts, ideas and concerns about the value of Cultural Heritage and to answer the question of how our cultural diversity can be our strength, to enhance our sense of belonging to a common world and share a common future. 

The inauguration of the exhibition was held on Friday, March 6, 2020, by Nicosia’s City Councilor Mr. Chrysanthos Fakas, on behalf of the honorable Mayor of Nicosia, Mr. Constantinos Yiorkatzis. The Bank of Cyprus, together with the Greek font company Parachute Typefoundry, offered the prizes of a total value of 2500 euros. The awards were presented by Nicosia’s City Councilor Chrysanthos Fakas, the founder of Parachute Typefoundry, Panos Vassiliou and the internationally renowned graphic designer and partner of Graphic Stories Cyprus, Mr Charis Tsevis.

The winners of the competition by category were: Constantinos Hayes, Cyprus High School and Technical School students, Carilla Karahan from Turkey in the International Visual Communication Students category, Michaella Michail in the higher education visual communication Students of Cyprus category. In the international category for professional visual communication designers, the competition had 2 winners who shared the 1st place: Adonis Papadopoulos from Cyprus and Gerasimos Choraitis from Greece. The commemorative prizes of the competition were provided by OXRA Design Company and designer Christos Grigoriadis.

Graphic Stories Cyprus was organized in cooperation with the Bank of Cyprus and is under the auspices of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus and the Municipality of Nicosia. Bank of Cyprus and the Greek company Parachute Typefoundry offered the prizes of the international poster competition.

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