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eon-realityThe Academy supports up to 100 talented individuals in developing skills in 3D/VR design and modelling, programming and application creation to name a few. Ultimately this training will lead to employment with either EON Reality or another organisation specialising within the creative and digital content sector.

Upon completion of the program, around half of the successful students will be recruited to join the EON Reality team with salaries ranging from£15,000 - £18,000 and excellent development potential.

EON Innovation Academy seeks 3D Artist, Graphics Programmer, 3D Visualization Specialist, or Sales Executive.

The Academy is fully funded by EON reality, reducing the costs compared to university or alternative higher education options. It as a full time course teaches students using current state of the art technology, and is taught by leaders of the 3D world from all over the globe. Unlike a typical course, it offers  the opportunity to develop applications and work on projects that are being used by today's businesses.

The Academy is in total 10 months of part-time learning about all aspects of the 3D world, and expands across areas of application development, programming, design and many more. It is aimed at individuals who have some knowledge of web media, programming, 3D modelling and/or animation software, an aptitude for creative digital content - whether that be coding, modelling or animation, together with a passion to succeed.

This is a 'no fees' programme with rewards in January and April for those stars of the team. Job opportunities may be rewarded throughout the course with most of those at its completion.

To find out more about the EON Entrepreneur Coding School apply here or visit the EON Reality Website.

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