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Wild Summon animation film still

Narrated by Marianne Faithful, 'Wild Summon' by UK duo Karni Arieli and Saul Freed 'aims to create a film that creates a deep connection between the natural world/animals and humans. A message of empathy and care for nature and each other". BAFTA-nominated directors expose the aquatic life cycle of a wild salmon in human form.

Film Review (Olga Bobrowska, Annecy Festival 2023):
From the award-winning duo involved in experimental filmmaking, animation, photography, and visual effects since the early 2000s, we receive a beautiful, touching, and profoundly meaningful ‘casual fantasy’. The film narrated by Marianne Faithful reminds me of a nature documentary. We witness dangers, marvels, twists and turns inherent to the cycle of life of She-Salmon. A fragile creature born from her mother’s sacrifice struggles with natural enemies but also faces the most dreadful one, humans. The fishermen and those responsible for polluting the water, make it almost impossible for Her to accomplish a journey to the deep sea and back to the upper stream; the role of scholars is quite ambivalent. It is not one more alarmistic, ecological fantasy but a consistently conceptual artwork using mesmerizing visuality in order to ponder life and the limits of vitality

Watch the 'Wild Summon' trailer:

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