Cascadeur: Innovative software for physics-based character animation


When creating realistic character animation in games or movies, motion capture is still state of the art. But there are many limitations to this technique, especially when creating action sequences. Nekki creators believe that it’s time to overcome these limitations with the help of physics-based animation.

Several years ago, this was the reason for developing Cascadeur, a unique software that gives animators the ability to create realistic action sequences of any complexity - without using motion capture. Once it is marketable, Cascadeur has the potential to eliminate laming routine work and also lower the entry barriers for beginners.

So far, Cascadeur has been used exclusively in our own popular action games.

Since February 2019, anyone can try Cascadeur: Creators are inviting animation professionals and beginners from all over the world to apply for the closed beta test here.

The Cascadeur project has already been presented at AnimExchange 2019, and Games Developers Conference (GDC 2019) at San Francisco.

For further info, check the pdf software presentation.

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