Finnish Short Animation Online via Animatricks

 Animatricks Screen is an initiative of Animatricks festival. Its purpose is to improve the availability and visibility of Finnish short animation both domestically and internationally.

Finnish animation celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2014. The collection consists of short animated films screened at Animatricks Festival 2009-2013 in the "New Finnish Animated Shorts" programme.

The project was carried out by Animatricks Festival organizer Palikka Association and funded by Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. Anima Boutique was in charge of the visuals and technical implementation was made by Joonas Kesäniemi / Blunt Instrument Solutions.

A very meticulous selection includes the awarded shorts Chest of Drawers (Sanni Lahtinen, 2010), The Tongueling (Elli Vuorinen, 2010) and Birthday (Jari Vaara, 2010).

Nearly 70 films can now be watched online (also in English), along with information on the films.

The 2014 Animatricks festival takes place between 25-27 April in Helsinki.




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