Miyazaki's The Wind Rises enters the 70th Venice Film Festival

 Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) is based on the manga of the same name by Hayao Miyazaki appearing in the magazine Model Graphix in 2009.

In turn, this is based on a short story by Tatsuo Hori, which fictionalizes the life of Jiro Horikoshi. He is the man who designed the Zero fighter plane, used in the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack.

The Wind Rises entered the competitive section (the only animated film to do so) at the 70th Venice Film Festival. This is the third Monstra presence of the Studio Ghibli founder and director, after his 2004 and 2008 nominations for Venice's Golden Lion with  Howl's Moving Castle and Ponyo respectively.

Unlike the latter film, Miyazaki notes that The Wind Rises won't be a film that 'people will relax and watch'.

 The film opened in Japan on July, 20, and earned $9.66 million from 747,451 admissions in the first two days (453 screens). The official trailer makes it a powerful war drama:

 Kaze Tachinu is distributed overseas by Disney. Venice Film Festival takes place between 28 August and 7 September 2013.

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