3 Animation Feature Projects for Annecy Residency 2022

3 Animation Feature Projects for Annecy Residency 2022

Annecy Festival and CITIA organization have launched (in 2021) the arts residency "Graphic development for animation feature film" to assist corresponding creation.

For the Annecy Festival Residency 2022, 30 projects were received during the summer. 3 animation feature projects were chosen; its winning screenwriters will stay at Annecy for three months to further develop their work.  

The many forms in animation film are a reality and their richness hails from this diversity. The freedom to break barriers: of time, place, space, aesthetics or writing, authors can use their films as a genuine experimental field and visually translate the power of their words. This Annecy Festival Residency’s 2nd edition will challenge them to explore, test, observe, listen, and share, with the unique aspiration to expand their creativity - Géraldine Baché, Head of Education & Projects Mifa

Deep Fake by Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis (Director) – France

Deep Fake is the story of a fictious virtual world also known as a metaverse.

During the residency, Ismaël will begin a series of tests to define the aesthetic outline of the film’s virtual universe. This environment is a metaverse – an online 3D environment – where the film’s characters in the form of avatars interact as if in real life. The sets evolve according to the storytelling, navigating between two poles, one focused on hyperrealism, the other focused on a more abstract representation, which embodies the character’s inner reality more. For these tests he will use 3D scanning tools, real-time video game engines, video texturing (CEF3D) and Gan algorithms.

Dino Doom on Desert Planet by Zsuzsanna Kreif and Balázs Turai (Co-Directors) – Hungary

Dino Doom on Desert Planet is an unlikely love story between a humanoid slave, Azaz, and a young meteor, NIKU-278.

Dino Doom on Desert Planet, like any proper science fiction work, is a re-interpretation and prognosis of the current global, historical environment. The ecological crisis, mass migration, terrorism, bi-polar political power-plays, free speech and propaganda, class struggles, and lastly, the possibility of love and humanity in a time of crisis – all these phenomena serve as the basis of the story’s creation.
During the Annecy residency, Zsuzsanna and Balázs will start storyboarding the film and at the same time further develop the visual style. The film will have 3 different settings – space, the Urth and the dreamworld. Also, research and experiments with colours, outlines and textures will be explored.

Hanta by Emilio Ramos (Director) – Mexico

Hanta is the story about freedom seekers. It is also the story about those who are silenced, imprisoned, and killed.

The project has two general aims: the editorial and visual development. Both need to be advanced simultaneously. The scriptwriting needs to be grounded in the storyboard, to visually see the whole story in order to optimise it, in other words, to eliminate the inessential, and also accentuate and attenuate elements of the subplots. The main aim will be to produce a first animatic cut of the film, with as much input as possible from the visual development, sound, and music references. The main aim for the visual development is to work on an overall visual concept of the film. To establish the guidelines and foundations of the film and each character, setting, and prop, by creating collage mood boards.

Selection committee members: Sara Wikler (Artistic Film Producer, Blue Spirit, Script Consultant), Damien Brunner (Producer, Folivari – The Summit of the Gods, Ernest & Celestine…), Éléa Gobbé-Mévellec (Director – The Swallows of Kabul), Laurence Petit (Distributor, Haut et Court) and Jérémy Clapin (Director – I Lost My Body).

The 3 projects selected are diverse in their styles, techniques, and messages that they convey, but collectively they each have a strong message, a unique story, and significant resonance with today’s world - Selection Committee, Annecy Festival Residency

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