CEE Animation Workshop: Selection Results 2021

CEE Animation Workshop: Selection Results 2021

With the focus on the quality of projects, the most intense competition occurred in the field of series. The CEE Animation workshop organizers received applications from 14 low production capacity countries, and the best represented format among the applicants was animated series (45%), followed by shorts (30%) and features (25%).
The selection committee composed of seven people among which four group leaders (two producers and two script consultants) exceptionally decided to accept six series projects this year instead of the usual four.

We also received some very interesting projects from countries outside the Low Production Capacity group, which we were very sad not to be able to accept due to the conditions under which our training operates in partnership with Creative Europe MEDIA. This shows the potential of our workshop to attract participants from beyond the CEE region or from countries with more developed industries. We will do everything possible to be able to welcome such projects in our selection from next year onwards -Juraj Krasnohorsky, Head of Studies.

Throughout the program which is a combination of group work, individual sessions and lectures, participants acquire diverse advanced skills needed to be competitive on the market, which they can not only apply to their current project but also use to grow their career, company and other future projects.

CEE Animation Workshop follows each project over a period of one year from its early stages to a fully developed project ready to access the international market for financing. The program is led by renowned producers and animation script consultants in the roles of group leaders, who closely follow and mentor projects for the duration of the program.

We are happy to continue our collaboration with four fantastic experts acting as Group Leaders of our workshop: producers Jean-Fraçois Le Corre and Ole Wendorff-Østergaard and script consultants Rita Domonyi and Phil Parker - Juraj Krasnohorsky.


Animated feature films

King Wray -Studioset, Great Britain/Romania
Anamaria Pirvan (producer), Anton Groves (co-writer, co-director), Damian Groves (co-writer, co-director)

The Hive- Talesgate, Serbia
Nemanja Gavrilović (producer), Miloš Djurdjević (storyboard artist)

The Northern Star -Studija kokles, Latvia
Sniedze Kāle (producer), Kārlis Vītols (scriptwriter)

Animated TV and web series

Darling Zhuzha - Trident Film, Ukraine
Sashko Chubko (producer), Anatoliy Lavrenishyn (director)

Dinofables Krutart, Czech Republic
Martin Juza (producer), Klára Jůzová (director)

Disbalance  - Dead pixel, Serbia
Vuk Vulićević (producer, scriptwriter)

No Happily Ever After - Helium Film s.r.o., Czech Republic
Mária Môťovská (producer), Gabriela Plačková (scriptwriter, director), Alžbeta Gobelova (scriptwriter, director)

Pandy Show - Tetrabot, Croatia
Janja Pilić (producer), Vedran Štefan (scriptwriter, co-director), Maida Srabović (co-director, co-writer)

Ralf & Kiku’s Amazingly Huge Tree House - Wolfgang&Dolly, Croatia
Matija Drniković (producer), Franko Dujmić (scriptwriter)

Animated short films

Balconada - Compote Collective, Bulgaria
Vessela Dantcheva (producer), Iva Tokmakchieva (scriptwriter), Kamelia Tavitian (associated producer)

Fin People  - Dagiba, Slovenia
Viva Videnović (producer), Maja Križnik (scriptwriter), Veronika Hozjan (director)

The Bird’s Placebo - Instinct Bleu, Tunisia/USA
Sarra Ben Hassen (producer), Rami Jarboui (scriptwriter, director), Meryam Joobeur (creative producer, writing collaborator)

Career-oriented participants

  • Adriana Ionica, producer / Reniform Production, Romania
  • AnI Gejadze, producer / Animation Development Fund, Georgia

    In addition to following the complete Workshop program, career-oriented participants (producers without a project) also receive personalized mentoring on their career and company strategy development.

The 2021 edition of the Workshop will be held online, and newly will last nearly a full year, from February to December 2021 . It consists of four one-week training modules, with the possibility of one additional module being organized as residential (depending on the coronavirus pandemic situation).

The first module will start on 22 February.

  • The CEE Animation Workshop Webpage

    CEE Animation is supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union and co-funded by state funds and foundations and professional organizations from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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