Kids Kino Lab Scholarships 2021

Kids Kino Lab Scholarships 2021

Each Kids Kino Lab edition involves about 12 projects, which are developed over a period of nine months under the guidance of tutors and invited experts. This call is open for applications for the scholarship programme for script consultants and a young producer, who will act as assistants to the tutors of the Kids Kino Lab programme.

You can apply for KKL scholarship if:

  • you are a writer, script consultant or a young producer and you are interested in making films for kids
  • you would like to be an assistant for one of the Kids Kino Lab tutors
  •  you would like to learn from our tutors the crucial skills from the fields of script consulting and production basics and you are looking for a chance to practice and gain the experience from the professionals

Scholarship for writers / script consultants
During nine months, you will gain knowledge on how to lead the project, give feedback and consult the project. You will be assisting the Kids Kino Lab script tutors and also helping Kids Kino Lab on the organizational level. Also, you will be involved in the process of the preparation for the sessions.
Film education is not required but to apply for the scholarship you should have first experience in the field of script consulting (short or full length or other connected with a script consulting). There are three scholarships for up-and-coming writers / script consultants. 

Scholarship for a young producer
By taking part in the scholarship for a young producer you will have a chance to work with more experienced producers and see how the development process looks from the production point of view. A part of your task will be collecting the information about the production situation in Europe and countries of our participants and helping in organizing the masterclasses and consultations with invited guests. For this scholarship Kids Kino Lab is looking for someone starting their career as a producer. There is one scholarship for a young producer. 

  • More details
  • .Application form 
  • Application deadline: 22 November
  • The scholarship is free of charge, which means there is no fee to take part in the programme, but at the same time, the participants will not be receiving a salary. The programme kicks off at the beginning of 2022. 
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The programme is co-financed by the MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe and Polish Film Institute. Kids Kino Lab partners for the seventh edition are: Zlin Film Festival, Zlin, Czech Republic, JEF Festival, Antwerp, Belgium and Kids Kino Industry, Warsaw, Poland. Kids Kino Lab is an industry part of Kids Kino International Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland.

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