Eeva by Lucija Mrzljak & Morten Tšinakov

Eeva animation film still

Lucija Mrzljak & Morten Tšinakov established themselves as a successful duo of animation filmmakers with films, like 'A Demonstration of Brilliance in Four Acts' (2018), 'The Stork' (2020).

The 'Eeva' 2D animation film, produced by Adriatic Animation (Croatia), and co-produced by Joonisfilm (Estonia) premiered at the Berlinale (Berlinale Shorts 2022); it has since garnered a number of festival participations and distinctions.

It's a sad day in Eva's life. The rain is pouring down at her husband's funeral. A woodpecker delivered a message code on the coffin is killed. There is a lot of crying, too much wine, and a couple of dreams that fill in the gaps. - Film Synopsis

Watch the film (limited time only):

Film Review (Mikhail Gurevich):
In the [Animafest Zagreb] Croatian program, the leader was undoubtedly the winner, 'Eeva' (also present in the main competition), by a known Croatian-Estonian duo Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tšinakov, a highly stylized yet sensually dense exercise in absurd dramatic comedy with all the shades of darkish humor. The hot blend of two distinct animation schools is as if harmonized both in graphics and narrative twisted logic that leads through gags and turns to an unexpected yet inexorable date with destiny as a refined coda (Full report link)

'Eeva' has been one of the 15 Oscar-shortlisted animation shorts for the 2024 Academy Awards. It was also our No. 9 in the Top Animation Shorts of 2023.

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