Mother Didn't Know by Anita Killi

Mother Didn't Know by Anita Killi

It's a cold winter night, when a young old girl crawls down into an old, dark farm silo. Angry, sad and depressed she cuts off her hair and collapses on the cold ground, just in her nightdress and far too big rubber boots.

This film by Anita Killi (Angry Man) broaches the issue of child depression and is meant for children and adults alike.

Film Review (Kropka): Transformation as an act of hope.

Despite the fact that Mother Didn't Know is part of what could be a feature film -as Marita Mayer already explained in the work in progress at Reanima Festival last year- Anita Killi gives us a vibrant film full of emotion and tenderness.

Directed and executed with masterful finesse, Mother Didn't Know catches us from the first seconds with a strong and bucolic atmosphere. The film is about the journey of a little girl to her saddest feelings to discover hope. The animation was in charge of Jens Jonathan Gulliksen, who worked in animated films such as Corpse Bride or Fantastic Mr. Fox. Mother Didn't Know is like the reflections that we hold in a breath, and after some moments it escapes leaving open the window of hope. The film captures with great sensitivity, minimalism and strength, the fight against despair and sadness. Through a wounded bird, the little girl will recognize that life always offers a way out of the darkest moments. But to reach the hope of salvation we must also go through the previous states of pain and transformation. The film is a visual haiku complemented by an impeccable soundtrack by Zbigniew Preisner, composer of the music of Blue and Red by K. Kieslowski, Anita Killi signs one of her most personal and intimate projects that undoubtedly puts her back on the international animation scene.

Mother Didn't Know by Anita Killi (2020, 10')
Original title: MOR VISSTE INGENTING. /
Director: Anita Killi.
Screenplay: Anita Killi and Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen.

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