Norwegian Animation

Apparat Bergen Animation Interview

Kropka reports from the emerging Bergen animation studio and production company Apparat.

The upcoming Norwegian family expedition animation feature Titina by Kajsa Naess has a trailer.

Simone Hooymans is an artist who, through her inner world, leads us to explore the origins of nature in her animation works.

After Angry Man, Norwegian filmmaker Anita Killi is back with the stop-motion Mother Didn't Know. Kropka reviews the film.

Elli Vuorinen (Still Lives), Sander Joon (Sounds Good) win at the Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2019. View all winners.

Anders Narverud Moen, director of Fredrikstad Animation Festival, portraits contemporary Norwegian animation.

The Norwegian stop-motion feature will have its international premiere at the Generation Kplus section of the 69th Berlin Film Festival.

A record of participation for the 2018 Fredrikstad Animation Festival.

Creator of Dory and Remy is the first guest of the Norwegian festival.

Mr. Kropka, director of ReAnima festival, interviews Norwegian director Mats Grorud.

A new network of Nordic countries animation is born, to help with info and structure of co-production opportunities.

Mr. Kropka, an animation afficionado, interviews Ove Heiborg, film producer at Qvisten Animation Studios, Norway.

The Norwegian animation festival Animation Volda is being held between September 14-17. This year's theme is Women in Animation. 

Per Åhlin, the iconic Swedish film director, illustrator and animator will be this year’s honorary guest at the Fredrikstad Animation Festival, which will take place on the 9th to 12th of November in Fredrikstad, Norway.

The twice Oscar-nominee Russian aniimation director  Konstantin Bronzit will be one of the guests of the Norway fest.


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