Pina by Jérémy Depuydt, Giuseppe Accardo

Pina animation still

 A Franco-Belgian film by Jérémy Depuydt and Giuseppe Accardo revisits a Mediterranean story (in 2D animation).

At the end of the 19th century, in a Sicilian countryside village, the young Pina holds the power to regenerate the land. With each harvest, the village is prey to shameless mafia looting. Pina's encounter with the mafia chief will plunge the hamlet into an era of starvation, endangering the destiny of the whole country.

'Pina' won the Grand Prix Grand Prix de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles at Anima Festival, and Best Animation Short at Flickerfest (Sydney).

Film Review (Eliane Gordeeff):

Made in cartoon form, the short mixes myths of the feminine with the Earth and the brutality and egocentrism of the masculine that destroys the fertility of Nature. Despite being a story based on the Italian mafia (a statement made by the filmmakers), I also interpret it as the relationship between the human being, the animus, the man, active and destructive, with the anima, the woman, passive and creative. When well balanced, this relationship makes everything work well, but when not, it generates destruction and violence. Both on a private (domestic violence) and collective (the destruction of Nature) level.

Watch the 'Pina' trailer:

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