Bavure, KIDS, Quiet, Good Intentions Share ReAnima 2019 Prizes

Bavure, KIDS, Quiet, Good Intentions Share ReAnima 2019 Prizes

The jury of Marita Mayer, Gustav Kvaal, and Claudia Cazzato gave away the 3rd ReAnima International Film Festival Prizes (14-17 Nov, Bergen, Norway)

Bavure by Donato Sansone (Autour de Minuit) won the Grand Prix of the festival, as well as the prize of the Experimental competition.

In the beginning was the Stain. A paintbrush reveals a being of gouache, opens him, transforms him, twists him, completes him. From this accelerated evolution arises a conquering being…

The jury stated that the film pushes the boundaries of animation with a masterly combination of life action footage and 2 D animation.

Find all winners of the 3rd ReAnima Festival, along with the jury statements:

Student Competition

Best student film: Good Intentions by Anna Mantzaris

Jury: A crime story showing the craft of storytelling, pace and animation. Transporting the well observed dark and weird sides of the human soul in a very subtle way, it feels difficult to be just a bystander.

Special Mention: Daughter by Daria Kashcheeva

Jury: This film draws the audience immediately into a loving and sometimes difficult father - daughter relationship. The hand-camera look combined with stop-motion creates a rarely seen closeness to the characters. The strong acting and perfect timing gives the audience a lasting experience.

Music Video: MTV is my friend by Radu Popovici

Jury: In this film the animation both accompanies and strengthens the music element. Overall the animation is well executed and is employed to complement the music in driving the narrative. Specifically the representation of the music band in the video comes across as fully integrated in the piece thereby reinforcing the whole structure of the film.

Scandinavian Competition – Quiet by Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen

The film is a fine example of masterfully executed cut-out technique. By borrowing elements typical of theater such as the scenography and attentively designing the characters, the spectator is immediately lured into a dark space of emotions and suffering. The narrative is fragmented to reflect the diverse emotional turmoil experienced by the children. The viewer is thus left powerless in a context of deep exploration of the human condition.

Grand Prix + Experimental Competition: Bavure by Donato Sansone

Jury: Powerful visuals captivate the audience in this journey through human evolution and the mysteries of the universe. The film pushes the boundaries of animation with a masterly combination of life action footage and 2 D animation. The film plays with the perfection of the imperfect, both artistically and content wise.

Professional Competition – KIDS by Michael Frei

Jury: This film explores the human group dynamics through a strong graphic expression. Even if the humans are represented in a pictogram form, the filmmaker manages to keep the feeling of individuals relating to and in the group. The combination of the visuals and the sound transports you into the story, almost in a meditative way. The minimalistic maximalism has an extremely powerful impact on the viewer.

Special Mention: Purpleboy by Alexandre Siqueira

Jury: This film convinces through its strong, original design, exploring animation as a storytelling medium while taking up an important issue, which is rarely shown.

ReAnima Kids - The Kite -Martin Smatana

Special Mention: Fruits of clouds, Kateřina Karhánková

Documentary CompetitionBloomers by Samantha Moore

Jury: Told by different workers this animated documentary leads you through the story of a lingerie factory In Manchester using animated fabrics mixed with traditional animation, all in a calm tempo. This gives the movie a sympathetic and humble expression. The director made both an informative and artistically beautiful movie.

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